Two watch models

1969 Chronograph is the quintessential expression of Singer Reimagined high-watchmaking approach, featuring the most recent version of the famous Agengraphe caliber. A new time display, enhanced readability and the award-winning 60 hours chronograph function taking central stage on the dial. All of this condensed to only 40mm.

1969 Timer represents the ultimate example of complexity distilled to its purest form. An intricate zero-reset system combined with a flyback device is the hidden technical gem behind this three-hands timepiece. A simple push of the button at 2 o’clock allows for lightning fast elapsedtime measurement using the central second hand of your watch.



Singer Reimagined timepieces are by definition a love letter to the vintage design of iconic 60’s and 70’s timepieces, now enhanced by functional improvements and state of the art horological engineering.

The idea that started Singer Reimagined was reimagining one of the most iconic watch movements from that specific era: the Automatic Chronograph.

1969 will be remembered as the launch of the first three iconic, automatic chronographs.

1969 will also be remembered as a year rich in incredible events, stories, discoveries, with culture-altering events. A year that became iconic and meaningful for many reasons.

At Singer Reimagined we decided to celebrate that fantastic year by introducing a new product line named 1969. A new watch collection designed as Singer Reimagined could have conceived and released it, in that precise year!



The movements, AGH 6365 and AGH 6363, are a reengineered version of the award-winning AgenGraphe and the versatile Flytrack, featuring updated displays to enhance functionalities and to fit their new 40mm housing. Both movements are engineered and produced to unique Singer specifications by Agenhor.

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