Singer Track1 Collection

The Chronographs Reimagined

Singer Track1 Collection

The Chronograph Reimagined

Singer Track1 collection is composed only of limited editions.
Each edition is available worldwide either at our authorized retailers or directly through our website.

Design cues

Singer Reimagined innovative layout, provides with a very interesting characteristic. We’ve been able to conceive a watch that keeps the archetypal features of traditional and sport timepieces with a new and fascinating twist.

Track1 is the First and Only watch with a display that splits the information for a very distinctive time-keeping experience.

While most of the chronographs offer a traditional layout (a central dial with small sub-counters surrounded by a tachymetric bezel), this traditional and almost never reconsidered design has never provided a good readability. Time of the day and elapsed time are displayed on the same area, making the information difficult to read.

While designing the Track1 the main goal was to improve chronograph performances. Therefore, we found a brilliant way to separate the chronograph from the time of the day to considerably improve readability and ergonomics.

This new layout intents to focus attention on the main purpose of Track1 watches: Elapsed time measurement. In other words, Track1 is essentially a Chronograph that tells also the time of the day.

Singer Track1

London edition dial closeup
Singer track1 geneva edition lateral view
Geneva edition pusher closeup


Marco Borraccino approach emphasizes the importance of a fundamental Design principle: “Form follows function” . Indeed, a Track1  provides its owner with a unique experience while using it.

Push buttons position on case sides allows not only an easy use of the watch while wearing it but also – here again influenced by car racing – handling the Track1  like a real stopwatch.

Emphasizes the importance of a fundamental Design principle: “Form follows function”

The use of double polished edges – framing the side view of the watch – gives lightness to the design and creates an alternation of different finishing for a precious and refined result.

One must not forget inspiration behind our watch hands, directly influenced by rev counter needles on vintage Porsches.

Elapsed time is king

The Track1 is a radical re-engineering of the chronograph.

Its sleek lines frame a highly innovative and complex design with an unprecedented display made possible by a revolutionary movement, the AgenGraphe 6361.

Ten years in the making, this groundbreaking automatic caliber goes beyond the limitations imposed by preceding mechanisms, enabling a centralized indication of the chronograph functions, thus enabling a radical focus on legibility and performance.

The time of day is presented in striking relief around the periphery of the dial by the small pointer at 6 o’clock, floating just above 2 rotating discs.

Powered by a revolutionary movement

Forget everything you thought you knew about the chronograph. The AgenGraphe 6361, the caliber powering the Singer Track1 stands apart from all previous chronograph movements.

Here, the chronograph function takes center-stage – as it should in a sports watch. The chronograph hours, minutes and seconds are coaxially mounted in the center of the dial, allowing the elapsed time to be read easily and clearly with just a glance.

The time of day is not forgotten but is instead displayed in a highly original way around the periphery of the dial. The hours and minutes are indicated digitally at 6 o’clock via the small indicator set just above 2 discs, which rotate clockwise.

central chronograph caliber on black backgrounders