Flytrack collection

The most minimalistic celebration of elapsed time calculations dressed in a timeless style. The Flytrack collection, designed to once again reimagine the chronograph, is a celebration of the practicality of a chronograph combined with a specific calibrated scale.

Which Singer Flytrack are you?

Each Singer Flytrack is an Hour, Minute and Second watch with a twist. Select the model that best fits your personality and fully matches your favourite timekeeping experience. A dedicated style for the tool function you are looking for.

Prime Edition, is available in 3 exclusive models of 10 pieces each one featuring 3 scale variants: Tachymeter, Pulsometer and Telemeter.

Barista Edition extends the Flytrack collection. The Barista scale allowing easy measurement of the extraction time for your favorite coffee style prepared with your espresso machine. Something creative that has not been done in the chronograph’s world before.

One minute

60’ seconds is the universal time-frame used for most of elapsed time calculations. Depending on the scale referred to, we can obtain a variety of different information. Historically, a wide range of dial graduations have been developed.

Singer Reimagined decided to focus on the three most iconic ones: Tachymeter, Pulsometer and Telemeter. For the fourth scale ‘Barista’ Singer creates something completely new and creative that has not been done in the chronograph’s world before.

Our Engine reimagines the seconds

We always aim to raise the bar a bit higher: The twist on Flytrack watches is easily accessible through the push-button at 2 o’clock. Our proprietary system allows to instantly convert the central sweeping second-hand into a flyback chronograph-hand.

The unique Singer AG6364 mechanism allows to measure short time-based events, as many times you wish, without interfering with the watch timekeeping.

Holding the pushbutton down keeps the second hand motionless at zero. Releasing the button instantly sets the hand moving, allowing quick-reaction, light-speed starts. Pushing and releasing the button, will reset and restart immediately the central second hand for lightning time measurements.

The device can be used as well to zero-reset your watch time, very easily, whenever desired. Hold your push-button down and releasing it precisely at the right moment, to synchronize your watch.

Engine specifities

Developed in collaboration with Agenhor, Singer Flytrack movement, AG6364, has noble descendants, sharing its architecture with the prestigious, award winning, AgenGraphe 6361. A dedicated development, focused on efficiency and performance, drove our technical team and watchmakers to imagine innovative solutions to deliver a playful yet useful complication aiming to be the most minimalistic iteration on the chronograph theme.

314 components, manual winding, two barrels providing 55h of power reserve, 49 jewels and a unique flyback & zero-reset function, all these characteristics provide the Singer Flytrack with the pedigree of a future classic.

The triangular teethed clutch features a ratio of one tooth to three, to limit jumping forward or backward, allowing to reduce errors in case of shock. A large lever permanently keeps the system engaged, allowing the seconds hand swiping motion. When the user presses the reset button, the lever releases the clutch which disengages. The lever also acts as a reset hammer by pressing on a heart-cam in the center. When the user releases the button, the lever returns to its initial position and re-engages the system to restart the seconds hand motion instantly.

design of the singer flytrack edition

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