Singer Reimagined timepieces are by definition a love letter to the vintage design of iconic 60’s and 70’s watches. 1969 is a collection to pay tribute to the style of that era even further. 

The new three hands watch features, for the first time at Singer, a more traditional time display. The versatile Flytrack 1969 Timer is designed to fit the new 40mm housing movement AGH 6363. Despite the very sleek and minimal design it features a twisted function consisting of the zero-reset – flyback system allowing to use the central sweeping seconds hand as a smart and intuitive one-minute counter.

A new 40mm stainless-steel watch case, revised displays and a brand-new metal band are the quintessential elements for an icon to be, able to fit every kind of wrist.

Executed in a very deep and precious piano-black lacquer finish, the dial is enriched with an applied signature golden crown ring. These elements are magnified by a domed glass-box sapphire crystal, visually extruding the dial out of its metal frame.



1969 Timer represents the ultimate example of complexity distilled to its purest form. An intricate zero-reset system combined with a flyback device is the hidden technical gem behind this three-hands timepiece. A simple push of the button at 2 o’clock allows for lightning fast elapse time measurement using the central second hand of your watch.

This system offers the opportunity to execute instant and sequential measurements, without interfering with watch timekeeping. 

A proprietary clutch system allows the central seconds hand to be dissociated from the movement, while kept still, and to be reengaged for motion as soon as the push button is released.


The case size of the new Singer 1969 Timer is 40mm. A sober and stylishly design to fit every wrist. A development in design based on well-researched ergonomic and functional considerations.

Stainless steel is the material we chose for the case. Solid, preciously finished and an ever classic. Brushed surfaces and polished edges, a Singer signature, are meticulously executed to provide a jewel-like appeal.

The two-pieces case features a domed glass-box sapphire crystal, providing an instant retro-look reminiscent of classic timepieces. The vigorous curves of its shape are underlined by mirror polished edges providing dynamism and velocity


The stainless-steel bracelet is composed of two contrasting elements. The edgy brushed “H” links are designed after racetracks’ curbs shape, providing a contrasted and vibrant effect. In contraposition, the rounded polished center links bring smooth reflections and sparkles of light. This combination ensures exceptional wearability and comfort. The brushed sloping facets are complemented by polished chamfers, visually extending the case profile with polished edges – a brand signature feature.

Tapering from 22 to 18mm, the new bracelet, incorporating an adjustable fitting system housed in the folding clasp, is perfected for the widest array of wrists.



The movement AGH 6363, is a reengineered version of the versatile Flytrack, featuring updated display to enhance functionality fit its new 40mm housing. The movement is engineered and produced to unique Singer specifications by Agenhor.



Caliber Singer Reimagined 6363. Hand-wound mechanical movement. Singer Reimagined exclusive zero-reset sweeping second-hand mechanism.

Number of components:237

Number of jewels: 37

Power reserve: 72 hours

Frequency: 21’600 vph (3 Hz)

Functions: hour-pointer on peripheral disc, central minutes and central seconds with zero-reset function.


Material: 316L stainless steel

Dimensions: 40 x 14,5 mm

Dial: Piano-black lacquer finish with an applied signature golden crown ring. 

Sapphire Crystal: Domed glass-box sapphire crystal with double-sided antireflective coating

Back: Screwed with sapphire crystal


Singer signature 316L stainless steel metal band


Type: 316L stainless steel folding buckle with toothed bar for quick size adjustment


29’900 CHF
(excluding VAT and local taxes)

Limited production of 50 pieces in 2023