Singer Group is aiming to provide its clients not only with dreamy accessories but also and most of all with a great experience including the final purpose of sharing a Philosophy.

In fact, each Singer car takes over 4000 hours to complete and it took over a decade to develop the movement that lies within the heart of each Singer chronograph.

Dedication, attention to detail and level of finish are crucial to provide our community with the best product.

The Singer philosophy is the pursuit of definitive vision, whatever the subject matter.


Debashish Mridha once said:
“You are happy when you are enthusiastic and action-oriented, not when you are luxury and pleasure oriented.”

If you read our previous article about Singer’s Story you would understand how all this started. You would figure out the essence of our work, here.

Each morning, we wake up with a unique ambition: achieving something better and satisfying the creative need that prompts us to explore unknown territories and risky paths.

Driven by passion and by audacity, we compete with ourselves trying to imagine and to create what we are dreaming about and makes us vibrate.

Are we taking risks?
Definitely YES!! We work hard to make things happen, to inspire people and to share our vision.

During an interview with Ben Oliver in May 2019, our Co-Founder Rob Dickinson explained:
“Without risk-taking we wouldn’t exist. Everything we do is the hardest possible thing to do. To try to build this, reimagined 911 is a crazy idea— from a business perspective — and so is starting a new watch company selling watches at the highest level. These are not get-rich-quick schemes. These are endeavors of passion, lunacy, and belief that what we love as enthusiasts, other people will love too, and that is the hook on which we have hung Singer for 10 years. These are the cars that we want to drive, and the watches that we want to wear, and it’s as simple as that.”



When it comes to Singer Reimagined, the passion and admiration for what has been previously achieved and never been improved in the past, was the starting point for our journey. Since its creation, the Chronograph is commonly known and admired but no one dared to  take the risk neither to reimagine the way it worked nor the way information was displayed. So we started to wonder: what if? then we imagined not only a different display but also a new architecture. And when people asked why? We simply responded: Why not?

Our belief is to express style and great taste by improving the performances. We believe in no compromising on details and functionality. Our unique goal is to deliver exactly the idea we had in mind. No shortcuts. No dilution. Only what we decided to achieve, whatever it takes.

From cars to timepieces

Whether applicable in cars or timepieces, the starting line, for both founders, was to create for themselves products unfound at that time. Doubtlessly, the goal was to express their own taste and fill a personal need. In other words, Rob Dickinson built the car he wanted to drive – The Brown Bomber – and Marco Borraccino imagined the watch he wanted to wear- the Track1.

From then on, Singer’s devotion has been to  provide clients with a piece of art that embodies a vision and exceeded expectations and needs.

This philosophy of doing things differently, with a complete disregard of the current trends, has always been Singer’s trademark.

In fact, The AgenGraphe – the core piece of each Track1 chronograph – is a formulation of this philosophy.

What is a Track1 Chronograph?

It is achieving dramatic performance improvements. Indeed, this movement leads its users through the radical redesign of a chronograph’s readability. Let’s simply say it is a Manifesto for watchmaking revolution.


This philosophy extended to the design by choosing uncommon material for our cases. The perfect example is when we have created a unique piece for the Only Watch Auction for its 2019 edition using a specific material: The Damascus Steel. The same for our GPHG 2018 award winning Hong-Kong Edition with its Ceramic-Aluminum case a high-tech material normally used for F1 and MotoGP engines. We have always opted for innovative materials for their spectacular properties and features.

And so on, the ideology of Singer has spread to all areas of our business. We go off beaten tracks. We look for challenges and fun because we believe in courage and audacity to invent unfrequented paths. Our communication is different. The distribution is selective. Our events are surprising. We do what we like and we like what we do trying to involve people with our spirit.

Finally, we would say: “The world always seems brighter when you’ve just made something that wasn’t there before. ” (Neil Gaiman)  – and That’s the purpose of all artists, creative minds and innovators.